Liam Hodges is growing up and recognizing the need for a wardrobe that can stretch from street to office. While his take on everyday work attire may not be to everyone’s taste, it’s clear he’s making an effort to add smarter pieces in his offer.

He’s also graduated from tracksuits to a broader offer that includes outerwear and basics such as drawstring shorts and jeans, button-front shirts and sweaters with oversized sleeves. Especially nice was a bomber jacket in a punchy camouflage print of happy yellow hues. He paired that with board shorts.

“Today’s youth wants to be cute like a teddy bear, but there’s so much dark stuff in the world,” said Hodges after the show, where his trademark bear motif was still present, albeit caught in a horrified Edvard Munch-like “The Scream” facial expression.

Hodge’s longtime fans will find plenty to love in this offering, but a more polished outing, as well as a palette of punchy orange, yellow and olive-green, is likely to endear him to a newer, and perhaps more sophisticated, audience.

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