For a designer, stepping out of his comfort zone is never easy. It requires courage, which Damir Doma demonstrated with his coed spring show. But while his audacity can be lauded, the results can’t be. This season, Doma moved away from his signature conceptual aesthetic infused with a kind of intriguing spirituality to embrace a new contemporary, urban approach.

The designer introduced several colors, including lilac and bright green, along with developing street silhouettes, such as oversize shorts, hoodies and patchwork denim pants. He also created an ath-leisure capsule with Italian sportswear company Lotto, including tank tops, polos, tracksuits and Windbreakers.

But instead of generating something seamlessly cool, the different elements instead seemed out of sync. There was something forced about the tank tops layered over roomy suits with laced-up details and the acid printed oversize hoodie worn over a silk dress. The color combinations — such as rust and purple, and emerald and lilac — were also unconvincing.

While Doma no doubt has the skills to put a new spin on his brand, what’s clear from this collection is that streetwear isn’t the direction to take.

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