The sailing boats constantly recurring in the lineup — they were printed on shirts and leather boxy bags, as well as embroidered on outerwear — looked like a metaphor for the sense of escapism Francesco Risso infused in his collection for the Marni brand. There was a dreamlike mood running through the show, which brought the guests into a naif, cartoonish world. Childlike drawings appeared on cotton shirts and bibs. The sartorial suits got a youthful makeover with drop-crotch pants and roomy jackets crafted from a patchwork of fabrics. Knitted polos and colorblock Windbreakers had a Seventies feel, while knitted argyle vests and patchwork shirts had a handcrafted, unfinished look. Everything exuded effortless coolness and a free-spirited sense which jibed perfectly with the quirky, edgy heritage of the brand.

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