With open borders and unity a key political focus these days, Andrea Rosso’s concept based on sampling and customizing military garments — say, blending a German raindrop camouflage motif with an Italian camouflage print — is timely.

Among new spins, the designer took his scissors to nautical Russian T-shirts to rearrange their razzle-dazzle stripes. Sometimes it was simply about enhancing patterns, like on a parka in an American chocolate-chip camo motif historically used for desert battle uniforms, which he reinterpreted with hand-painted neon orange accents.

More labor intensive were military jackets that had been flipped inside out with meticulously transplanted camo-motif pockets. Another fine example was a Sixties German snow camouflage poncho transformed into a parka, giving a second utilitarian life to the garment, not forgetting a dose of style.

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