More than 100 books of fabrics from the Eighties and Nineties stood at the entrance of the Pal Zileri presentation at the late Baroque building complex Rotonda della Besana, transformed by aqua blue carpeting and panels, mirrors and an azure coffee area that paid tribute to the legendary Caffè Florian in Venice, completed by cello and violin players. “Venice, blue, our books, they are all part of the history of the company,” said Giovanni Mannucci, chief executive officer of the company, which is based in Quinto Vicentino, a 50-minute drive from Venice, and controlled by the Qatar-based Mayhoola Group. Pal Zileri is recovering its original “spirit, innovation and creativity,” explained Mannucci. “We are starting from the base — we gained visibility with tailoring, where we have a point of view.”

To be sure, the collection was the last designed by Mauro Ravizza Krieger — whose exit was reported earlier this month — and retraced the brand’s steps in a more contemporary, easy and relaxed way. Different checked patterns were the main motifs on super light trenches, suits or cashmere and silk knits.

There were also sleek and simple two-button suits and elongated jackets in cream, rust-brown or moss-green. Pops of color stood out, as on an orange leather bomber jacket.

Asked about the challenges for a tailoring company in an increasingly athletic and sports-oriented men’s wear arena, Mannucci said “quality, craftsmanship, fit, a great cut are part of the sartorial tradition and we can apply this to more casual and sportier looks.” In other words, experience and superior skills can always be put to good use — and Pal Zileri appears to be on the right track.

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