Young American designers have strong opinions about what corporate America stands for, and designer Raul Lopez is among them.

“I was inspired by everything going on in the world right now,” he said, pointing to “financiers, entrepreneurs and moguls” as his starting point.

Turning dress codes on their heads was the main message here as a traditional bankers’ pinstripe suit was deconstructed, stripped of its sleeves and the fabric converted into an oversize zip-up leg warmer.

Other “convertible” pieces included cropped T-shirts with round cutouts, and ties sewn together to make a layered skirt.

His affinity for deconstruction came as a result of growing up with an architect father, he said.

This gender-fluid offering also included an array of long, medium and short skirts, together with a summery white dress with his brand’s Holy Trinity logo as the main graphic embellishment.

While there’s no realistic retail offering, Lopez at least gets marks for pushing the boundaries of men’s wear.

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