Retro references continue to be a major influence for Patrik Ervell.

His nylon-heavy spring collection seemed to pay homage to iconic hiking and outdoors brands of his youth growing up in San Francisco in the Nineties. There was also a healthy dose of the counterculture that never seemed to disappear in his hometown.

“It’s a very nostalgic collection,” he admitted, adding that nylon was the material of his childhood sleeping bags, family tents and outdoor equipment.

It was these fond memories that Ervell evoked in a large range of cropped parkas with colorblocking details, ultralight short-sleeve camp shirts and sporty suits in deep red and beige and cobalt blue that boasted 59 percent nylon.

He also managed to romanticize the fabric through the use of stained glass effects and harlequin layered tones in jackets. “It’s a romantic gesture with a material you don’t think of as romantic,” he said.

San Francisco’s counterculture shone through in Ervell’s use of psychedelic prints on T-shirts and silky shirts.

Another nod to the Nineties — with a touch of humor — was represented in some of the cropped jackets that featured a business-card holder on the chest pocket, a detail that was ubiquitous during the region’s tech boom.

The use of pleather shorts throughout the collection, together with chunky platforms, gave the lineup an infusion of toughness that served to counterbalance the romanticism of the nylon.

The collection showed again that Ervell is carving a niche of directional men’s wear for the young and cool at heart.

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