Private Policy turned west for its spring lineup.

“The idea behind the collection is a view of America through foreigners’ eye, together with what the real America is,” said Haoran Li, who designs the collection with Siying Qu.

These two ideas translated into a playful collection full of Western references including Navajo prints in boxy jackets, matching shorts and retro Fifties shirts. Bolo ties and cowboy boots added yet another heritage touch. The phrase “Thank You,” that appears on plastic deli bags around the country, was transformed into an oversize top coat, a nod to the designers’ “real America.”

Private Policy’s proclivity to add a playful sexual element was apparent in the use of harness details in fitted pants, silver rings in the back of jackets and belts with garter straps.

Although Western references are not new in men’s wear, Private Policy’s adventurous version offered a unique and fresh perspective.

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