Workers of the world, unite! Patrick Grant’s punchy collection was full of workwear looks, symbols and slogans from labor movements in Britain’s history. A longtime supporter of British manufacturing, spinning and weaving, Grant highlighted workers’ plights — and their wardrobes — in this colorful collection of separates.

Knits and T-shirts came with slogans such as “My Father Was a Textile Worker” and “Give Me a Future.” One cyan sweatshirt was adorned with a black skull, a reference to a 19th-century Punch magazine cartoon calling attention to low-paid, downtrodden garment workers. Grant also tapped the Royal School of Needlework to create a one-off sweatshirt with delicate stitching and images inspired by a vintage trade union banner.

The presentation, which took place — appropriately — at the home of the TUC Trades Union Congress near Covent Garden, wasn’t all about industrial action. There were some great wardrobe basics, too, including sturdy trousers made from thick British military denim, boxy Oxford shirts in a rainbow of macaroon shades and a roomy jacket with lots of pockets done in blue and white ticking stripes.

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