Ever since returning to the London men’s schedule — having shifted to a more intimate, presentation format and moved her production to the U.K. — Lou Dalton has been sharpening her focus. Her goal is to keep “building a core men’s wear wardrobe” inspired by the men she knows — and the ones she wishes she knew.

For spring, the boys she would see and want to hang out with around her grandmother’s farm are returning to “help bring the harvest for the season.”

They did so in a series of youthful, utilitarian-inspired looks that included bleached pink and blue denim, striped oversized shirts, rolled-up wide-leg pants and a hefty dose of multicolor check.

It was a collection filled with fuss-free silhouettes and uplifting color that made a strong case for the power of ageless clothes over fleeting trends.

“I’ve been in the game for a long time and I’ve lost a lot of money along the way, but I’ve learnt an awful lot. From that I can break the collection down to one style of shirts, one style of trousers and two styles of shorts. Those are our core pieces and every season I aim to revisit them,” said Dalton.

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