For his third season as part of BFC’s NewGen sponsorship scheme, the charismatic young designer paid tribute to his family’s role in Britain’s reggae culture.

A bit of family history: Mama and Papa Daley met in Seventies Scotland, where Mr. Daley was stationed as a Royal Marine Commando. By chance, Mrs. Daley had just been on a trip to Jamaica to set up the Reggae Klub, one of the first reggae clubs in Scotland, in 1978 and ran it for four years, during which time it became a haven for African and Caribbean immigrants, and played host to some of the biggest names on the scene.

For this season, the designer exhumed one of the original promotional T-shirts designed and sold by his parents and reincarnated it in yellow, neatly distilling the essence of his collection, named “Slygo” after Daley’s father’s DJ alias. It was worn with a checked tweed kilt and a cool khaki military jacket.

In an adroit intermingling of cultural references, there was a nice green linen jacket with cotton hunting pockets, a great red suit in rich jacquard patterned with graphic flowers, a purple silk African dashiki short suit and the look comprising a cream flak vest, orange T-shirt and khaki pants was effortlessly stylish.

It could have been sentimental but Daley made it very cool.

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