Per Götesson was feeling nostalgic for spring.

For his first solo catwalk show, the Swedish designer harked back to childhood memories to create a charming collection with a strong DIY feel that was in line with the mix-and-match, crafty look that’s been dominating the London catwalks this season.

Tank tops were torn at the sides, denim was bleached and frayed to look like it was well-loved, trousers were deliberately oversize and folded down with waistbands, while jackets were decorated with badges created using broken pieces of souvenir porcelain — many of which featured Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s engagement portrait.

“My dowry was a porcelain set. When I moved in with my partner, I wanted to explore this idea of nostalgia, marriage and having something precious that’s broken,” Götesson said.

He also made a point to use simple, “common” fabrics such as denim and jersey that reminded him of the clothes he wore as a child. He elevated them by experimenting with draping and proportion, as in a denim jacket featuring a woven overlay fabric at the back and oversize sleeves.

As he comes into his own — having recently graduated from the Fashion East collective — Götesson said he wants to keep the sense of ease that runs throughout his collections. While doing so, he also wants explore what modern masculinity and sexuality mean today.

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