For his debut collection, designer Victor Li wanted to create a wardrobe centered around items from his own closet — but with a lifestyle edge and with each individual look serving a particular purpose, whether that was something perfect for an island getaway or simply running to the grocery store.

The lineup featured hand-drawn patterns created from a mashup of the design team’s faces, which were seen on everything from casual shirts and Ts to rectangular leather patches. Casual yet fitted silhouettes included jackets and modern suits in fresh cuts, finished with idiosyncratic details such as bow ties on the pockets of shirts and trenches.

The color palette ranged from soft creams to pinks, baby blues and soft greens, which added a refined touch to the offering.

To the trained eye, Li’s debut collection was reminiscent of contemporary European brands and it definitely brought a much-needed refined and elegant vibe for the man seeking an escape from the oversaturated offering of streetwear.

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