Alexandre Mattiussi bailed out of his urban environment and headed to the countryside, sending models down a slope covered in tall grass and dressing them in a mix of tailoring and folksy, oversized clothes found in country home closets and drawers. They’re the sort of comfy pieces for off-the-radar days in the sun, or in Mattiussi’s case, the lush green Normandy countryside, where he grew up.

“I wanted to bring back the basics with this collection, which is romantic and softer than before. The feel is when you take the train with your friends after work and escape to the countryside and enjoy your time in nature,” said the designer, as he pointed to boxy plaid shirts with oversized sleeves and nubby, hand-knitted sweaters. There were some tailored pieces, too, remnants of a city wardrobe in the form of long coats and loose suit jackets.

He also worked in references from camping, fishing and scouting in the form of chunky sandal-and-sock combos and long raincoats paired with cropped jeans. Shorts were knee-length and baggy, Boy Scout style, and worn with matching jackets while models wore bucket-style hats with wide brims. It remains to be seen how these pieces will perform as separates — and without the countryside narrative and grassy slope in the background — but it’s fun to see the softer side of AMI, and tap into the escapism of the clothes.

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