Taiwanese designer Angus Chiang tapped into the popular culture of his homeland once more in this loud and proud collection, referencing the street art of Taipei in an array of intentionally clashing co-ed silhouettes that screamed of the Eighties, channeling streetwear in a register all his own.

Nylon tracksuits were worn literally or their fabrics reinterpreted into tailored variations, while leather was given a crinkled, shiny finish that worked well interpreted as an outsize cap-sleeved shirt or on overalls in various hues.

DayGlo tartans riffed like punks on acid, at their extreme on a sculptural ensemble complete with an integrated shopping cart handle that protruded over the shoulders. More lyrical but no less exuberant were Chiang’s bright all-over landscape prints, worked on pants and jackets, while the picture postcard theme was carried over onto knit vests and sporty leggings. The sporty theme was knocked home with fluorescent climbing rope, used as accessories in certain looks or as a mesh over-layer on others.

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