For spring, Christian Dada designer Masanori Morikawa collaborated with Nobuyoshi Araki, integrating some images by the Japanese photographer after his wife’s death, and channeled their sentimental mood. The result was a collection that finely balanced romantic and youthful elements.

Dried flowers captured on film by Araki cropped up repeatedly, on wide trousers, shirts, suits and dresses. Also representing the passing of time were the older models sent down the runway, as well as dried flowers around some necks.

The show began with primarily white looks, including a shirt with the words “Every Day for Love” and trousers, or a long sheer sweater over athletic pants. Then colors were blended into the mix, like the blue, yellow and red loose-knit sweater worn with black trousers with a chopped-off leather waistband.

The anoraks, flowy shirt-like fabrics, slouchy drawstring pants and athletic references were all on trend this season. And Morikawa didn’t stray from his historically skillful melding of Eastern and Western influences. Take, for instance, the kimono-esque wide sleeves on an Oxford shirt.

Morikawa successfully merged the ethereal with the modern, upping the cool quotient along the way. The sweatsuit decorated with a painted-photo image of the sky that Araki took in memory of his wife is an example.

The photographer has repeatedly revisited that theme, and various sky images were printed on elongated silk scarves draped over models’ heads for the show’s finale. These were conceptual, bursting with color, but read almost like technical outerwear, too, thanks to Morikawa’s deft hand.

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