Rei Kawakubo put her best faces forward — literally — for spring with a shirt collection chockablock with illustrations of mugs of the human, animal and wholly imaginary ilk.

The first down the runway, as part of Comme des Garçons Shirt line, appeared drawn on in black, with cutout peepers, and fronted a powder-blue-and-white checkered shirt. Another in a shield-like shape followed, then a smiley-face version appeared.

Some models wore face-themed T-shirts wrapped around their heads (while seeing through the eye holes).

Kawakubo elevated other classics, too. Take the V-neck school sweater with “Live Free” printed in a corner, while another with a crew neck read “With Energy.” The first trio of shirts hitting the catwalk (one of which was worn by Stevie Wonder’s son Kailand) were button-down, with wide frilly collars and in bright pastel checks.

A blue raincoat was decorated with green squares and pink stripes, while another, in orange, was ornamented with a yellow X. An oxford shirt was made of panels with blue-and-white stripes and pink dots.

The most figurative designs — featuring a black and a white face crafted in patchwork, giving a 3-D effect — closed the display. Leave it to Kawakubo to morph shirts into veritable works of art.

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