Jun Takahashi channeled the turbulent years of teenhood with a focus on hybrids.

A shell suit combining track pants with a nylon popover jacket in cherry red and charcoal black, the name of a German art movement on the sleeve, recalled the uniform of high school athletes and would-be rappers in the Eighties.

A lot of the pieces had two sides to them, and stressed seams, like the shorts with black jersey backs and tartan fronts and a coat that was half gray tailored jacket, half beige anorak, joined with a line of raw stitching.

Slowly creeping into adulthood was a jogging pant with a formal suiting front, while elsewhere a jacket came cut from a tan-colored hoodie reminiscent of both the adolescent staple and a grown-up trench.

Creepy artwork by Jean-François Jambol for Joy Division, the ultimate band for channeling adolescent angst, featured on sweatshirts and bombers.

Accessories included backpacks marked with the slogan, “Road to Nowhere.”

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