The puddles of handmade rainbow pom-poms on the showroom floor, trompe l’oeil toes on needlepoint slippers and flying Dumbo on a cotton tattersall pajama-style suit said it all: Jonathan Anderson let his inner child run wild — through the jungle, into the sea and around to Loewe’s home in Madrid.

What an upbeat presentation it was, inspired by a nostalgia for childhood and with some wacky plays on proportion that the designer has also been working into his signature J.W. Anderson collection. A lion prowled across an oversize sweatshirt, long like a dress, while sea urchins floated across roomy, drawstring trousers. Multistripe shorts and tops echoed Twenties-era men’s bathing suits.

Anderson said he liked the idea of “how you find humor and ease in yourself,” and added that he worked a lot with recycled fabrics, too. He pointed out a shirt adorned with bits of broderie anglaise from a sampler from the Belfast School of Needlework; a jaunty pair of shorts made from a colored patchwork linen, and a loosely knit, multicolored sweater made from recycled yarn.

The designer also offered up a glimpse of a new capsule collection called “Eye Loewe Nature,” which is manufactured in Japan and Spain and will launch in January. The collection features five convertible bags engineered to go big or small, with prices ranging from 400 euros to 800 euros. Pieces include a backpack and a tote in canvas, with branded leather paneling and bonded jacquard patches by M/M Paris.

He was thinking of his younger brother when designing it. Anderson said he wanted him to be able to walk into a Loewe store and “find something that was incredibly crafted and forward thinking — but also accessible. It’s about how you break down those luxury barriers inside stores,” he said.

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