A protective theme wove through the globetrotting urban collection, with fluid fringed chainmail tops, metallic tips on collars, camo T-shirts and utilitarian shapes echoing bulletproof vests among the leitmotifs. The round platform sandal shoes with a rolling movement added softness.

Shangguan Zhe strengthened the tailoring offer this season, with a focus on strong boxy volumes. But sportswear continued to dominate, including a new collaboration with Puma on sneakers.

Pops of color like a total-look pink denim silhouette and sharp green shirts broke the dominant black palette. Garish logos in bright green Gothic letters came splashed throughout the collection. The designer also introduced Japanese denim with embroidered logo details.

A South American flavor infused some of the looks like the braided and fringed jackets in shiny black leather, graphic black-and-white leather tops and flared pants. The purple shirts and rain macs with hoods pulled over faces, embellished with dangling letter jewelry, added an exotic note while underscoring the protective vibe.

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