Teppei Fujita never attended high school, but here he offered his view of how it should be. No boundaries between genders, no boundaries between teachers and students.

Even dressed in a fuzzy pale turquoise tracksuit, the teacher was instantly recognized — tall and slim, chiseled features on a long face. A bright purple shirt and red running shoes completed his look, along with a stern stare. The students? Slouching, caps pulled over the face, long sleeves, fuzzy cardigans, lace trenchcoats and tailored suit jackets with patches of frayed edges. Trousers for men were cut short and wide, a pair in red leather had an extra layer of unfinished cloth poking out from the hem.

“All the rules are gone, but if you look at the tailored jacket the structure is not broken,” Fujita said, speaking about his coed lineup through an interpreter. Handcrafted lace permeated the collection, used to make trenchcoats that fell straight, T-shirts, collared shirts or skirts — in a pale green, beige or ivory.

Critical of fashion veering too far into streetwear, Fujita said he wants to wear jackets and ties. Here, he offered fresh and original ways to do so.

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