Uniforme Paris designers Hugues Fauchard and Rémi Bats offered a colorful and well-crafted lineup that fit squarely in the luxury spectrum. The pair transferred structure from military outfits and applied them to a Dorothy Draper-inspired universe. The bright color palette fit the modern Baroque theme, with pale pink, purple, turquoise blue and mustard yellow. Standouts included cleverly crafted trousers with high-water pant legs that flared out slightly, sailor suit style, and sporting an extra panel across the front. Unsnapped, it folded down to reveal a pocket.

A house robe made from a green and black Raoul Dufy print felt very chic; a bucket hat came in matching fabric.

Newbies on the Paris men’s calendar, these designers may have a young brand but their ambitions are ripe; there were a lot of must-haves, unusual for a debut collection.

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