This Tokyo-based label designed by Yosuke Aizawa takes its inspiration from the great outdoors — and climbing in particular — and twists it with popular culture. The result is one of the most thought-provoking streetwear labels out there today.

Aizawa took early Nineties hip-hop as his starting point, turning out roomy, multicolored jackets with hoods and working a plaid pattern into everything from trousers and roomy jackets to fisherman’s vests (the ubiquitous item of the Paris season). His abstract camouflage print — a blurred boxy pattern — and striped socks peeking from open-sided sneakers added even more color and movement to this cool collection. 

Aizawa worked a load of technical fabrics into the collection, with crinkly trousers — one pair came in a lovely brick red — that looked as if they were made from lightweight rubber. Instead, they were crafted from polyurethane that was stretchy and waterproof. Colored, printed mesh peeked from the hems of trousers and boxy shorts, part of an ongoing collaboration with Adidas.

“I really wanted to connect past and future,” said Aizawa, whose fusion of worlds old and new was refreshing, and conjured images of a 19th-century British explorer catapulted into the Nineties and then again into the 21st century — and amazed with his new performance wardrobe.

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