Optical illusions, light effects, sparkling accents and extensive research into materials are the signature elements of his women’s line, which Marco de Vincenzo perfectly translated into a charming debut men’s collection.

Hosted inside an antique greenhouse in the heart of Florence, the show featured a combination of traditional men’s wear styles with a quirky twist, mixed with pops of eclectic eccentricity.

There was something a bit retro and romantic in the knitted polos with rainbow glittering details and the striped cropped pants revealing plissé techniques when seen up close, while a feminine fabric like bouclé — coated and peppered with neon colors — was used for very masculine styles, such as coats with utility pockets and trousers featuring deep pleats.

An experimental touch was introduced via lacquered macramé, giving a glossy feel to a trucker jacket, while plaid tulle exalted the airy, breezy allure of a lightweight robe coat.

The loose, fluid silhouettes of plissé tops and culottes conveyed an innocent sensuality that was amplified by the see-through look of textured shirts and baggy short pants.

The same eccentric youth portrayed in the men’s lineup carried through to the women’s resort outfits, which included lacquered, sparkling, metallic plissé dresses punctuated with tulle trims and floral details in neon colors, which added a twisted vibe to the evening offering. Mannish silhouettes influenced the women’s suits, showing oversized shorts or shimmering glitter touches, while plissé maxi tops and skirts in solids exuded elegance. 

De Vincenzo launched his men’s business with a directional show that offered a chic and personal take on the genderless concept and also felt relevant for the ongoing conversation on what men’s fashion means today.

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