Dig it up, with care. After visiting India’s flower market by the Gan River, Chinese fashion brand Pronounce took a trip to Xi’an and visited the site where Emperor Qin Shi Huang’s terra-cotta army was found.

The color, motif of the army figure and care and respect behind the decades-long excavation are well “preserved” in its spring 2020 collection showcased in Florence, as a part of Pitti Uomo’s guest nation China special project.

Earthy color shirts and inside-out trench coats are updated versions of the iconic Mao suits, some of the practical options designer Yushan Li and Jun Zhou came up with for the Pitti audience. A bamboo beaded vest and heavy silk-trimmed caftan with terra-cotta army print blend traditional culture and craftsmanship with Pop Art and modern tailoring, and are a good manifestation of the brand’s DNA.

“I was amazed that these centuries-old terra-cotta army [figures] stood the testament of time, and the slow process of the excavation they did in the Seventies. There is value in doing something that takes a long time. I think it’s important to remind people of that at this moment,” said Li.

There has been some less than impressive guest nation projects in the past, but Pronounce really seized the opportunity to present Chinese fashion in a creative and modern light.

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