This season, Astrid Andersen skipped the London catwalk in a bid to dedicate more time to the design process.

“I’ve reached an age where I really do think it’s such a shame if I’m always rushed and I don’t enjoy it. And at some point, it will translate in the work,” said the designer.

She turned her attention to more delicate fabrics and handmade processes, delivering a series of track pants, trenches and sweaters in a striking dégradé organza. Each piece was individually dyed two to three times to reach the desired effect.

“It’s the idea of looking at a piece and appreciating that time and consideration went into it,” said the designer, who was inspired by the intricate detailing in Korean artist Do-Ho Suh’s organza installations.

Elsewhere, Andersen focused on nailing down core brand pieces, particularly comfortable and sporty silhouettes like hockey shirts, windbreakers and tracksuits, inspired by classic American athletic wear.

She reworked them with softer, more feminine elements such as dreamy pastel shades and an abstract leopard print layered under the brand’s logo.

Free from the demands of the catwalk, Andersen was able to offer a more focused range, highlighting what’s at the core of her brand.