Despite the cold wind and torrential rain, Bethany Williams outdoor show in the Garden Museum was beautifully serene. “It was so stressful, we had to change the whole set and format because of the weather,” she said backstage.

One would never have known and instead, the weather added drama to the clothes. Colors stood out against the dreary backdrop. Williams worked once again with artist Giorgia Chiarion to pay homage to Spires’ Butterfly Café – a safe space where vulnerable women meet to develop skills in arts and crafts.

“It’s called the Butterfly Café because it represents the development, transformation and growth that these women experience,” the designer said.

This was depicted with bright orange, yellow and pink swirled patterns that popped against a forest green track suit and a navy blue boxy suit.

Williams also worked with recycled tent material this season that took shape in a long parka, a zippered vest top and straight-legged trousers.

The designer introduced more fitted silhouettes and tailored pieces. A highlight was a woven multicolored coat with oversized lapels. Her collection was strong in design and craftsmanship as her pieces held its pristine condition against the storm.