Design duo Jordan Bowen and Luca Marchetto staged an edgy runway show, filled with looks inspired by nature, waste, the planets and a wrecked field following a rave or music festival. On that note, there were also a few Freddie Mercury references in the form of plunging white tank tops and short, glossy cherry red shorts.

A print depicting a sea of rats washed over boxy shirts while track suits and tops came with marble-print patches or tie-dye elements. The designers tapped Stephen Jones to do the hats, but he veered in a whole other direction, constructing big globe-like structures that hovered and wobbled over models’ heads.

“I was thinking about planets, solar systems, flowers and plants and the hats just kept getting higher and higher,” said Jones with smile. “It was a whim, and they are very much a work in progress.”

When the duo’s silhouettes weren’t curve-hugging, they were loose and street-inspired, as in long tunic tops layered over trousers and utilitarian jackets and sweeping coats with harnesses, pockets and pull cords. It was apocalyptic, bleak and will no doubt appeal to moody types.

The designers also said they’re aspiring to carbon-neutral collections, and have been working closely with mills and factories to ensure their collections are as sustainable as possible. To wit, a long and shiny cherry red coat with slash details was rendered water-resistant thanks to eco-friendly waxes and resins.