“It’s called Techno Folk, because I’m a techno boy,” said Marcelo Burlon of his collection sprinkled with County 3000 logos, monogram knits and nods to Nineties acid culture — including a shirtless guy who looked like he’d rolled in fresh from a rave party, in a bucket hat with a fanny pack strapped across his chest, psychedelic overdyed pants and the waistband of his logo-d underwear peeking out.

A windbreaker-style top with kangaroo pocket and matching jogging pant in a hi-tech shiny material glinting with hologram reflections had more of a futuristic edge, while the main techno-sports palette mixed black and blue with flashes of yellow and coral.

With an impressive wire mesh cathedral by Italian architect Edoardo Tresoldi suspended over the runway, Burlon surrounded himself with an eclectic range of cultural feeds, including graphics by Mirko Borsche based on the Argentine coat of arms, nodding to Burlon’s roots, and a soundtrack paying homage to the 40th anniversary of Joy Division’s first album. Plus the movie poster from “Easy Rider” emblazoned a fluid summer shirt and matching pant, which felt a bit random in a merch-friendly lineup that felt a little lacking in terms of a strong design direction.

The casting included first-generation Italians of African descent, while in the audience were 300 local kids dressed in the designer’s signature Wings T-shirt. “It’s a way to give back,” said Burlon.

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