Finnish designer Rolf Ekroth for his second collection explored an outdoor theme incorporating military and utilitarian details. From father to son, the main inspirations were his dad’s favorite hobby, fly fishing, mixed with one of his own teenage obsessions: anime, specifically the series “Neon Genesis Evangelion.” The latter fed the graphics and prints, including the slogan “kimochi warui” — “which means ‘how disgusting’” — a nod to the polluted state of the waterways of his homeland.

A waxed cotton parka sported pockets transplanted from fishing vests. The designer also reinterpreted the garment as a backpack in denim and waxed cotton versions.

Ekroth at times mixed in tailoring elements such as on a plastic-y looking yellow nylon jacket and pant contrasting a tailored lapel with utilitarian patch pockets, or a black nylon coat worn over a black shirt and pant that had a tailored bottom section.

Also sending a message was a great tobacco-hued knit that carried the name of an episode from the Japanese series: “Episode: 2020. At least be human,” and a merino wool sweater with an oversized moon motif.

The designer presented his latest capsule for the heritage Finnish sportswear brand Terinit, mixing references to cycling and soccer, specifically the World Cup in Italy in 1990, with energetic pop colors and prints.

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