The vibe of the collection, with its natural, summery, comfortable-looking allure fitted perfectly with the open-air venue, under a bridge freshly painted white as a new multi-disciplinary outdoor gallery concept conceived by the brand dubbed Bianco Sunnei, located in a residential area on the outskirts of Milan.

The chromatic sequence of the layered, monochrome, total looks with boxy volumes — spanning white to black passing by saffron, green and a spectrum of blues — had an arty concept, too, meant to reflect, as per the show notes, the emotional attitude of the 15-strong team based in the label’s studio. But it also recalled in a merchandising format — as in this is a brand that’s all about simplicity; clothes to wear sans the need for a major statement, even if there’s a direction. Hence the message from one of the line’s tongue-in-cheek tops that read, “I hate ‘fashion.’”

The best men’s silhouettes ranged from a baggy all-white look layering a vest over a matching oversized shirt, worn with a cargo pant with side pockets on the legs and contrast stitching that had a nautical vibe, and the graphic looks based on a matching reporter jacket and pants combining macro black stripes with a micro grid motif.

For women’s, the crafty crochet-like dresses made from 3-D woven nylon yarns were clever in their blurring of the natural and the man-made, one of Loris Messina and Simone Rizzo’s many innovations as they refine their vision for their five-year-old label. The collection also included a seven-item capsule based on pieces made from an exclusive white fabric developed by Albiate 1830, carrying a special label.

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