Referencing Nineties techno and rave culture, the collection chimed with the synthetic, industrial, technical sportswear thing that’s very of-the-moment in Milan this season, while remaining very sellable.

Dubbed “Machine Vision,” Giorgio Di Salvo for his second official show looked to the algorithms behind image recognition as a starting point for experimenting with technical materials, with infrared images among the leitmotifs, and a Chinese military camera positioned in the center of the runway.

The research included a high-tech material developed by i-Mesh, a company that used to specialize in sails: a Kevlar-type mesh that he was drawn to for its ethnic aspect. “It’s the first time it’s been used on apparel,” he said backstage.

More literal — and creepy — spins on the theme included a long-sleeved top with an image of a face captured in a crowd, taken from a facial recognition camera.

He also collaborated with Majocchi, a leading supplier to the military and workwear industries, on a superlight, breathable, silver material used on everything from vests to pants, as well as a look made from a triple-layer, breathable fabric used for British military uniforms and sporting the technical description of the fabric, even if the aim in this collection was to pull back on the graphics — his background — “and focus on the apparel.”

The jewelry included a silver crucifix made from four USB keys.

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