Carlos Campos had a good reason for not showing his spring collection during New York Fashion Week: Men’s. His name is Cruz.

“We just had a baby and I wanted to take time to enjoy him,” he said. “There was an opportunity to show now and the collection was almost ready, so here I am.”

Campos said his spring men’s line was inspired by the Pop Art-style colors popular in New York during the late Eighties and early Nineties. “It was the era of bright colors and music,” the designer said.

That translated into a Technicolor assortment of one-button, double-breasted suits in fuchsia and turquoise. Those same bold colors made an appearance in piping and cutout details on tailored trousers, short-sleeve button-down shirts and trucker jackets.

Other eye-popping looks included a blue, white and black vertical stripe on a bomber jacket with matching pants, and a metallic reflective belted coat.

While those looks may not be for everyone, Campos also offered up more traditional options including a khaki-colored trenchcoat and a crisp white suit in merino wool.

Colorful or subdued, Campos’s superb tailoring skills were evident throughout the line and the bold palette just drove the message home.

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