Archie Alled-Martinez lit up Place des Vosges with a cocktail party to show off his latest collection, with guests looking dramatic and fabulous in his sharp, tailored knitwear. The Central Saint Martins graduate, who joined the House of Givenchy for a year after winning the 2018 LVMH Prize for Young Graduates, is passionate about knitting.

For him, it’s all about lean silhouettes over cozy comfort clothing.

Alled-Martinez took his inspiration from the chic men of Seventies Paris, and in particular the style of the dandy Jacques de Bascher. “I wanted these to be clothes that you see and immediately want to put on,” said the designer outside Serpent à Plume, where the cocktail-cum-presentation was in full flow with Champagne and cigarettes.

His men wore tailored, soft and shapely denim jeans, jackets and shirts, the latter of which were unbuttoned down to the waist in the spirit of the era. Other guests mingled wearing chest-hugging white button-front shirts that looked as if they were made from cotton poplin, and smooth tuxedo pants with high waists, and no seams down the leg.

Alled-Martinez said he is passionate about knitting for the “structure, method and balance” it brings, and in his heart he’ll always be a knitter. As for his next collection, he’s staying on track. “You’ll be seeing a similar man next season,” he promised.

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