Changing his brand’s name from One Culture to Blue Marble was a big step for designer Anthony Alvarez. “Changing the Instagram handle was the most stressful part,” joked the 26-year-old designer, adding that the new name comes from the first picture ever taken of the Earth, where “you can see that the continents and the oceans are all linked.” “But it was important for me to have a name that fit better with our values. The brand has only been around since September 2017, so I figured we might as well change it sooner rather than later.”

The starting point for Blue Marble’s first collection was a trip to Athens, where Alvarez discovered a particularly lively underground scene. “Because of the crisis, the rents are really low, so loads of artists were able to move to the city,” he said. “There is a great youthful energy. The parties are very, very cool.”

Shirts were printed with drawings of the Parthenon, nods to Greece’s olympic heritage or swirling renditions of the Zodiac signs, while embroideries of the word “odysseus” ran along jeans legs. A tongue-in-cheek sweatshirt read “National Austerity Movement” while T-shirts sported designs that could easily be found in local tourist shops. Materials were pretty luxe for such austere times: Flowing silk trousers, boxy leather jackets and crisp tailoring gave the models a bit of a Lothario look, which was accentuated by short shorts, leather brogues – footwear is a new introduction for the brand this season — worn barefoot and single silver earrings.

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