Christian Wijnants is not the first fashion designer to consider work from Henry Taylor — the Los Angeles-based painter has captured a wide following with his vibrant artwork — but the influence was pressed quite effectively into this label’s universe. A sweater with patches of bright teal, blue, ivory and black conveyed the spirit of a Taylor painting, in the palette choice and the juxtaposition of the color blocks, arranged just-so. Wijnants also added a light ink-drip pattern: greens and whites on black or, inversely, lime and white against black.

He threw some palette-cleansing neutrals into the mix, with an all-beige look, and at times opted for a sporty feel, using black and yellow stripes and pastels. The seamless knit mock turtleneck sweater was back this season, in ivory or pale blue. Cuts remained loose and easy — all sweaters and knit T-shirts on top, and, on bottom, fluid trousers or preppy shorts on bottom — elegant, all of it, building handsomely on the label’s nascent men’s wear line.