Adding an air of the tropics, python-inspired textures, exotic leaves and Seventies scarf motifs peppered the lineup of loose masculine tailoring. The overall mood telegraphed desert French Foreign Legionnaires, with Emma and Saif Bakir exploring military influences and subtle vintage touches.

The sense of heat was enhanced by the cracked leathers and burned holes dotting the large white short-sleeved shirts worn with Bermuda shorts with culotte volumes.

The feeling of hot-weather dressing was enhanced by the long scarves hanging from under caps, lending an allure of a desert trooper or Bedouin, while an ethnic flavor came through in the patterns of the pants with panels that tied at the front like a sarong.

The soft boxy shapes of the coats and tailored jackets were balanced by rock-style tight jeans in dark brown or yellow leather, or tight cycling short-style bottoms made from a shiny snakeskin print fabric and worn with large nylon coats printed with palm leaves or Fifties-style cropped sandy colored jackets.

Soft feminine looking fabrics balanced the masculinity of the shapes, lending a sense of delicate nostalgia to the collection, which nonetheless lacked a strong visual identity. Like a silhouette appearing on the desert horizon, distorted by the heat, a mirage.

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