It didn’t start very well: Guests arriving at the Pigalle Paris spring show were informed that there was only one elevator — able to transport seven people at a time — to go up to the seventh floor of the parking lot where the presentation was held. Mayhem ensued, with bouncers striving to enforce health and safety measures, and the presentation finally started 45 minutes behind schedule — not ideal on the last day of fashion week.

But what a view: a panoramic view of Paris taking in the colorful tubes of the Centre Pompidou, the Grand Palais and the Eiffel Tower, with the Sacré-Coeur looming behind the show space. As has become its trademark, Pigalle Paris set out to celebrate the city of its birth, parading the clothes in front of a triptych of panels depicting a futuristic version of the City of Light, its gray slate roofs turned lilac. Guests could play “spot the difference” by comparing the artwork to the actual view behind it.

Models in the first part of the presentation, wearing mirrored helmets, were decked out in pristine silk tracksuits and flowing Champagne-colored suits. It was street couture at its very best: A slouchy oversize leather jacket was paired with bronze-colored leather trousers, while a stunning cream tracksuit set was draped with a delicate sash.

After a dance interlude performed by models wearing bright silk pajama-style suits in jewel tones, the second part of the collection unveiled more relaxed silhouettes featuring patchwork denim, combat trousers, a batik-print leather jacket and bucket hats, as well as three looks designed in partnership with Jordan, including a light yellow and green “Ashpool/Jordan” nylon jacket. Creative director Stéphane Ashpool came out to take his bow wearing a fox mask. The whole thing didn’t make much sense, but was enjoyable thanks to the festive atmosphere this niche French brand always manages to conjure.

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