Victor Li operates in a calm place. For his first presentation in Paris — the other two were in New York, his base — Li brought a lineup of boxy, short-sleeved camp shirts, shorts, knit tracksuits and trousers — fluid, all of it, while never baggy. The youthful designer worked a few of his patterns into the pastel and pale beige palette, which were as soothing as the rest of it — the drawing of a stylized camel, in one instance, was offered with a building and a palm tree; inspiration from a trip to Morocco was more state-of-mind than literal. Dusty pink jogging outfits embellished with pale brown ribbon stripes were about as casual as it got; a more formal option came in the form of a pink and blue patchwork suit. A jumpsuit also felt elegant, in a light wool blend, the front zipper carefully hidden. All very chic. Why Paris? Everyone’s here! Paris is the best place for men’s-wear, in his view.


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