The lockdown has provided Xander Zhou a rare opportunity to slow down and look back on what he has achieved. He described the spring 2021 collection as “a system upgrade” for the brand. “Before, I created a small world for each season. This time, I uploaded them to a digital sphere and create a complete Xander universe,” Zhou said.

With a bright, sporty and futuristic undertone, the spring collection with 74 looks features new iterations of signature elements and styles throughout his career, with a nod to the spring 2016 and fall 2016 collections, where Zhou explored the cultural identities of the East and West in the modern era, respectively. The collection also continues his recent obsession with the concept of immortality and virtual reality.

Imagine ancient Chinese civilization colonizing the Milky Way with advanced technologies, which is the vibe this collection is going for. The lieutenants wear acupuncture needle-bejeweled knitwear and bomber jackets, the humanoid cyborg troops wear laser-cut dragon totem belly covers and parkas, and the starship operators wear shirts with traditional Chinese knotted fastenings.

Zhou filmed a runway show in Beijing prior to London Fashion Week, and the collection will be shown during the upcoming Shanghai Fashion Week in a more elaborate format.

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