Luca Magliano has a knack for conjuring a louche, Eighties sensibility, conveyed via video footage of quirky characters slowing spinning on a dais, like shiny new cars.

Magliano’s showy aesthetic is hinged on vibrant color and the herculean proportions of his masculine tailoring. Cue oversize jackets paired with neon green and shocking pink carrot-shaped pants. A baggy mustard-hued blazer could be worn inside-out to display inlaid images of sex scenes. Classy.

An older model was swimming in his lime green silk shirt, set off with a white necktie and pinstriped pants for a subversive take on formalwear, while a fluid yellow shirt embellished with images of medallions was knotted at the waist, exuding a languid, erotic feel.

The designer’s tongue-in-cheek approach could be found in a logo terry-cloth towel wrapped around the body as a full-length skirt and matched with a disproportioned vest with pearlescent buttons. One model bravely donned see-through bike shorts with lingerie details — a play on the on the masculine/feminine leitmotif that also ran through the lineup.

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