Jeremy Scott is known for his bold fashion creativity, but for the Moschino fall men’s collection, it seemed he also wanted to show his artistic side.

As showcased via look book images, he treated men’s wear staples, including 1940s-inspired double-breasted suits and coats, as well as  tracksuits, biker jackets and puffers, as white canvases that he painted in dégradé tones and trompe-l’oeil motifs.

The energetic brushstrokes, rendered in a wide palette spanning from neutrals to light blue, pink and yellows, gave impressive tridimensionality to the pieces. If the sartorial pieces actually looked more like artistic efforts than wearable items, the results felt much more approachable in the casual range where the the painted hoodies and argyle cardigans looked really fun.

However, Scott showed with his career that wearability never comes first in his list of priorities. Having fun and breaking rules is definitely more relevant for the designer.

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