Brand: Apotts

Mood: Practical, voluminous clothing crafted for ease and comfort

End result: Aaron Potts aimed to subvert notions of race and class with his spring collection and found inspiration in the double-ended topsy-turvy doll that revealed a young white girl in a gingham dress and a young slave girl in tattered garb when flipped. Potts pulled directly from the doll with his orange gingham baby doll dress, topsy-turvy shirt with mismatched sleeves and transformer pant that can be worn cropped or inside-out to reveal a leopard pattern, which the designer said is reference to many in the Black diaspora maintaining their connections to Africa. Potts said his new, voluminous Patchpant represents a new step, but resembles his quintessential Potts look with long shirt tail and wide-leg pants paired with shorts to subvert preconceived notions about sagging pants.

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