This season offered designer Kozaburo Akasaka the chance to challenge his creativity and explore other means to engage his core audience and customers. Akasaka chose to present his spring offering in an alternative manner and the end result unfolded into a three-part digital presentation — a 360-degree tour of his Brooklyn, N.Y. studio space and 2-D and 3-D visual explorations in an all-white geodome space via the Matterport platform. Akasaka’s goal was to have his audience relate and immerse themselves in the space he was working in during quarantine. As the pandemic evolved, Akasaka found that his personal perspectives were shifting, and that these past eight months would mark his generation emotionally and spiritually. As a result, he harnessed his attention toward the Japanese concept of en-yu, which refers to the state in which we exist as individuals, but in distinct harmony with one another, mixed with elements of outer space and Nineties futurism, all of which fed into his spring collection.

Unlike past seasons, this one in particular marked a new start for the brand, creating pieces that induce a sense of comfort — such as a pajama-style set with a swirling psychedelic “galactic camo” print that nods to Nineties futurism. Kozaburo staples were also present, this time with the use of synthetic fibers, such as a pair of white Tyvek pants and a matching blazer with a single magnetic button that seals with a twist, all while challenging the notions and perceptions of their sustainability, making them easy to wash, durable, cool and lightweight to the touch.

Not everything remained in the casualwear realm: a hand-twisted shibori scarf in black and shirts added an elevated interpretation of cheap popcorn tops, a nod to the infamous Michael and Janet Jackson “Scream” video (the top was not available at the time of the look-book shoot), and worn with a pair of high-waisted black jeans and Vibram FiveFingers shoes.

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