This season, strange as it may be given the current global pandemic, has forced designers to think outside the box when it comes to the format of how to present their collections. N.Hoolywood designer Daisuke Obana took a sharp turn and decided to scrap his original collection — which was 90 percent complete by the time the pandemic erupted — and created two entirely separate lines — N.Hoolywood Test Product Exchange Service and Compile, which he presented in a documentary style that highlighted his affinity for classic military elements.

Test Product Exchange Service’s debut in Obana’s presentation video utilized the designer’s personal collection of military artifacts and photography from various time periods with a focus on the multifunctionality of tactical wear as well as futuristic elements drawn from the recent creation of the U.S. Space Force division.

As for the clothes themselves, one would typically expect them to be quite thematic given Obana’s affinity to take a theme and run with it full speed, but this lineup was more about clothing meant to withstand harsh environments — high-collared anoraks paired with cargo pants, shades of light pink camouflage patterns adopted onto technical hooded outerwear jackets worn with matching cargo shorts, and a tan boxy suit — all of which helped it have a modern appeal for everyday wear.

The Compile line, which was featured in the fall 2020 collection, took a more elegant approach, with slim-fit suits, oversize baggy shorts, sleeveless vests and leather shorts, all mainly in a monochromatic palette of olive greens and blacks, giving it an elevated appeal.

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