As the week begins to wind down — show wise at least — this particular moment in time has been significant to many designers, each in their own respective ways. For Who Decides War designers Ev Bravado and Tela D’Amore, quarantine was not only a means to gain protection from the current global pandemic, but also a time to reconfigure, find a way to cancel out the oversaturated noise of the current global climate while remaining true to their brand message. The duo sought to bring light to the positives of being in quarantine, which was extra time to push themselves creatively, and hence produced a collection that contains pan-seasonal pieces, speaks to the new “WFH” base who crave comfortable clothing all while maintaining an elevated aesthetic, providing an outlet for their consumer. Their video presentation, titled “A still, small voice,” provided a temporary escape from what’s going on in the world at large, using a castle and its surroundings as the backdrop and with the narration of an original poem by American rapper Joey Bada$$ as well as an appearance from stylist Bloody Osiris, who participated in both the video and look book shoots, self-styled.

The collection took spark from a Biblical passage (1 Kings 19:11-13) and the creation of pieces that were lacking in the designers’ own wardrobe, as well as the debut of the women’s wear range. 

As for the clothes themselves, a classic trucker jacket silhouette with a beaded religious stained glass motif paired with light blue denim with overlaid embroidered patches (with the stained glass motifs as well) used repurposed denim scraps to create a worn and lived in feel. The use of sheer fabrics are notable as they are layered to create the coverage where need be, creating a veil-like barrier, in part making the denim breathable and distressed but repatched underneath without it showing bare skin. Styles such as denim shirts, kimono jackets and distressed overalls all added a youthful vibe to the effort.

In the women’s line, a standout was a lace face mask that blends into a lace bodice bodysuit, with hand embroidery, paired with high-waisted denim that transitions into a relaxed fit, with the recurring stain glass motif patchwork underneath the distressing and lace, intricate in nature to say the least, but still preserving an elevated and youthful look.

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