Though his brand typically eschews a specific theme, Ryota Iwai’s coed collection for spring was inspired by travel.

“This season is a little bit of an outlier for us,” said Iwai, explaining that under lockdown, he began thinking of travel and the recent trips he’d taken, such as to the desert of Dubai and to Peru.

“They’re both really sun-tinged areas,” and that fed into the colors and details of this collection, Iwai added.

He conjured up what people wear on such voyages and also characters in classic movies. “When people think of resortwear, vacation wear, it always tends to be quite loose,” he continued. “I wanted to elevate that, having it be something of very high quality and still be functional.”

For women there was a large selection of long dresses. “For our men’s wear, as well, we’re having an easy and very elegant tailoring that would still work in that vacation context,” said Iwai.

The elegance quotient ran high and was amplified by pale and vivid hues, sometimes in luscious, eye-catching combinations like dusky green, peach and yellow.

Iwai wanted his video fashion presentation to express Auralee’s aura.

“One of the core things about the brand itself is that it’s not about imposing our image on people, but to create clothing that allows people to express themselves,” he explained. “We wanted to feature the personalities, the expressions of the models.”

The pensive video featured close-up shots of the models, set to a collage of their voices speaking about travel in their native tongues.

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