“This is the story of a bear who loves Christmas, birthdays and Valentine’s,” says the narrator on Masayuki Ino’s video. The designer created a whimsical storyline in which his kitsch crocheted bear travels the city, offering looks Doublet’s spring collection and bringing smiles to the faces of those who receive them.

The Japanese designer was inspired by the pleasure of simple moments during lockdown: He made a birthday cake for his wife for the first time, and transcribed that in his playful, eccentric collection.

Teddy bears peeped out of the breast pockets of T-shirts, or as an intarsia motif that playfully peered from a sweater when reversed. Colorful, childlike leggings and pajamas featured a vivid birthday-cake print, while a cluster of balloons adorned a ribbed velvet hoodie and shorts. These nostalgic references were offset with a sporty backdrop of boxy tailoring and streetwear pieces that heightened the ironic appeal of the collection.

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