For all its shortcomings, the digital fashion week knocked men’s wear off the runway — and that often made it easier to relate to. Tokyo-based designer Fumito Ganryu dispatched his concise spring collection to Tom Guinness, an English stylist known for his work at Arena Homme+, who did a series of self-portraits around the house and yard.

Well, isn’t he the cool dad in his techno Bermudas, paired with a boxy shirt to bounce the baby, or with an oversize hoodie with ballooning sleeves for stacking towels on a shelf, or storage tubs in the garage?

This was a quieter offering from Ganryu, who took familiar items like a jeans jacket, trenchcoat or chinos, and chose an unusual fabric, or simply tinkered with the proportions. (Belting coats just under the ribcage seems to be the way to go.)

Even his navy warm-up suit, with two meaty stripes tracing the arms and legs, seems to be the one you’ve been looking for: It’s got that streetwear vibe, without the branding.

A video clip of TV monitors flickering to life on a lawn, or stacked up in a room, broadcast Guinness doing household chores in Ganyru’s crisp and roomy designs. A new performance art?