It was difficult to find a September issue of a fashion magazine without a page or two devoted to Antonio Lopez, whose fashion illustrations and photographs from the Seventies were celebrated in a recent Rizzoli book. Jason Wu, too, was drawn to Lopez’s colorful brand of retro fab, using it to infuse his pre-fall collection with good-time glamour fit for the latter-day Jerry Halls and Grace Joneses of the world, but with Wu’s ladylike touch.

He also “wanted to continue the sexier mood that I started in spring.” Multicolored panels of paper-thin eel skin were painstakingly darted into a curvy halter dress, a leather and jersey T-shirt and a matching jacket and skirt. That level of production muscle and luxury was echoed in a quilted leather and chevron mink coats (both the mink and the eel-skin styles could be worn with matching bags).

Wu escalated the sizzle for his party girls, whose options included a halter dress with pink floral beading, and a slinky sheer tulle gown embroidered with chevron waves of gold bugle beads.